As well as our marquee and tent rentals, we provide a range of additional products and infrastructure including flooring, lighting and furniture, offering you a holistic service for your event.

Flooring and stages

Got your guests under cover, but forgot to think about what they’ll be standing on? We offer various wooden and plastic mobile flooring options, from special walkways to dance floors and more. Our flooring comes in a variety of sizes and colours to meet your needs.


Nothing sets the mood of an event quite like lighting! Tent Concept’s offer string lights and fairy lights which create a special atmosphere for your wedding, party or corporate function.

Event furniture

Need tables, chairs or loungers? We can provide a range of event furniture that allows for a polished, uniform look. We can help you decide on the best furniture for your type of event – just contact our team.

Tents suitable to all types of events

  • Game auctions
  • Entrances
  • Small kitchens
  • Walkways
  • Dance floor coverage
  • Outdoor lounges
  • Bars
  • Registration areas
  • Conferences
  • Corporate functions
  • Gala evenings
  • Dinner dances
  • Weddings
  • Storage areas
  • Temporary lounge areas
  • Kitchens
  • Workshops
  • Concerts
  • Churches
  • Vendors/Stalls
  • Festivals
  • Sports fan parks
  • Green rooms/Holding rooms
  • Dressing rooms/ Changing rooms
  • Storage facilities
  • Exhibitions

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